For a lot of us, going to the gym to exercise is too much of a hassle. Even though we all want to be fit and in good shape, walking out the front door is always the hardest part. If only there was a way to get active and work up a heavy sweat from the comfort of your own home. In answer to your prayers, we’ve recently found a one-step revolutionary exercise program that really works! To get started, simply press play on Seattle-native LEViTATE‘s new “GODSTATUS2” EP and turn up your speakers.

This six-track EP truly sprints the trap. With a plethora of different styles, rap verses, and heavy-hitting production throughout, it becomes impossible to sit still. LEViTATE’s album comes in following a veritable catalog of original tracks, well-known remixes, and collaborations with producers and singers alike. His style and strength in the production game continue to increase with each release, this EP emerging as the cherry on top.

The first track, “Run for Cover,” begins as a grainy and ominous anthem complete with marching-band percussion and a swelling vocal chop that only becomes recognizable when the drop finally hits. Make sure you have space around you, as you might temporarily lose control over your trap elbows. The break features no BS, in-your-face bass with pleasantly relentless vocals that lead into an infectious rap verse courtesy of Kwabe Macntaj.

Run This” feels like the first track’s brother, until the floodgates are opened and a waterfall of high-pitched, exotic voices cascade over the mix. The song belongs on the main stage, as is made clear by the professional attention to flow and overall progression.

My personal favorite on the EP is “Aesthetica,” featuring Jay Battle. Cricket sounds are introduced at the start alongside a trance-inducing metallic synth and jarring gunshots. During the slow but tight break, a familiar sweeping effect from Kanye’s “Send It Up” can be heard leading the beat into Jay’s verse. Throughout the length of the song, the sub rattles underneath the rest of the mix, making the entire experience an epic, instant classic with a unique space and dimension.

Get acquainted with LEViTATE through his EP and the free download, and check out his recent mix for Capital Crown.