Myles Travitz delivers a delicate, tender remix of Phoebe Ryan’s “Mine”. A good addition to a date playlist, Phoebe’s voice is what draws you the listener and also Travitz the producer to this track:

The vocals were what drew me to this song because the lyrics are incredibly well written, not to mention Phoebe is one hell of a singer. Honestly, this is probably the fastest I’ve made a remix because of how instantaneous my connection to the song was. Lots of sleepless nights and microwaveable foods were used in the creative process! As far as the song itself, I guess you could say its a melting pot of what I’ve really be into lately, but at its core, the remix is really centralized around the piano. It both grounds the remix in a more acoustic space, but it also gives room for all of the other details to be sprinkled in there to spice it up. I associate music with food. Music is food. Nomnomnom.

Pick up your free download below and follow Myles Travitz on SoundCloud. You’re going to want to keep your eye on this guy in the future.

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