Justin Bieber just announced the plans for his 21st birthday bash. Hosted at the new nightclub opening in Las Vegas, Omnia, Justin Bieber will ring in his birthday with drinks, girls, money and the best feature of all….. Martin Garrix on the decks.

It has been confirmed that Martin Garrix will be DJing the pop star’s birthday via Justin’s twitter account. The birthday bash will be one of the opening events of the new Omnia Nightclub which is already creating a huge amount of buzz before their opening weekend next week.

Because celebrating your birthday once is only for normal people, The Martin Garrix & Justin Bieber birthday bash is the second celebration of Justin’s birthday, as he spent a weekend in the Caribbean cristening his actual birth date. Regardless, with Martin Garrix on the decks, the birthday celebration should be one for the books.

You can read more about the Omnia Nightclub event here.

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Image Source: Rukes