Coming at us today with a brand new name but the same unique style, Wax Future (formerly known as [email protected]) delivers with a hot remix of Outkast‘s classic hit “Miss Jackson.”  In their version, Wax Future maintains that hip hop flavor all while incorporating an electro, dubby, bass-infused vibe.  It’s difficult to revisit an old favorite, but Wax Future succeeds in making the 2000 track relevant again in 2015 (well, let’s be honest, “Miss Jackson” was never irrelevant…)

Wax Future, who released their debut EP The Human Element last July, is also currently working on their second EP, which will release sometime early summer. The only thing better than their tunes is hearing them drop their funky tracks live. Wax Future is set to play at New York’s Cosmic Alignment Festival of the Arts this June- so be sure to keep an eye on this up-and-coming band to check out one of their sets.


Grab your free download here.