French artist Joris Delacroix is a master at creating mesmerizing, groovy tunes. With his earliest releases dating back to around 2009, I’m disappointed that I didn’t find out about his music sooner. His early interest in music is apparent in his attention to detail and artistic style. His music is uplifting yet deep, making it the perfect relaxing weekend soundtrack.

His newest song, titled “BackinBizness”, is funky and upbeat, bringing nothing but good vibes. The calm looping vocals over playful synths and piano have managed to take away all of my daylight savings angst. The catchy beat is almost hypnotizing and nearly impossible not to dance to. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Joris Delacroix in the future. The track will be released as part of a full BackinBizness EP, which will be available April 6th from Pantheon. Listen below.

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