As a connoisseur of the ridiculous, I’ve gotta say I was incredibly stoked to hear Chachi and Paige’s remix of what might the most absurd tune of all time. However, my excited expectation of a Meow Machine hilarious remix soon gave way to a more appreciative one. Let’s be real, ‘I Come From a Land Down Under’ is about as respected tune as ‘It’s Raining Men.’ I’d like to apologize to any Aussie readers we have, I don’t mean to slag off your national anthem.

But, all jokes aside, Chachi’s more melodic and mellow style, blends quite nicely with Paige’s style to create a very melodic tropical sound. As far as remixes go, the plot is solid. A watertight baseline flows with a higher lead to create a nice bounce that accentuates what many might consider the most Australian vocal ever. Unfortunately, there aren’t any Crocodile Dundee samples thrown into the mix, but I can’t complain too much. Grab your Kangaroo and pouch the tune below.