Targeting spring breakers in Panama City Beach, Florida is a new establishment called the Life Center: A Spiritual Community. Otherwise known as the Tabernacle, it is a self-proclaimed church operating primarily as an illicit nightclub.

Taking cover charges as “donations” and advertising as alcohol and drug free, the video below promoting their “Amnesia” event tellĀ another tale. From throwing lingerie parties to selling cheesy, explicit t-shirts, it’s pretty obvious that there are more sacrilegious activities going on at this locale than holy ones.

How these party throwers were able to obtain a license to operate as a church in the first place, God only knows.

Thankfully the police have removed the church’s tax exempt status to disrupt their plans of turning a quick profit and are conducting an official investigation into the worship center’s religious activities, or lack thereof. Also, following the news story below a statement was issued to their website stating:

“The Tabernacle is a community that serves NO alcohol and bans illegal drugs for the youth to go during spring break at night to interact with each other in a fun safe environment up to 5 AM.”

So rest easy knowing that every night in such a place of worship, group prayer must be what’s keeping this kids up till 5 in the morning.

H/T Vice