The Music Room is a great little basement venue in Atlanta, GA where techno and deep house fans can get their weekly fix on good underground sounds. VAVLT (Vault) is a monthly event started by Daniel Pollard of Heroes x Villains as he takes on a darker alter ego and a partner BLKMRRIS for a night of primal, ballsy techno and the occasional well-known deep house tune. The standard operating procedure of VAVLT BOYS (HxV + BLKMRRIS) is simple and uncomplicated: play good music, get people dancing.

HxV is made up of Daniel Pollard and Pete Held and they are well-known among EDM trap and rap trap lovers alike. The duo saw the release of their BBC Radio1 Diplo and Friends mix this week and we all know that time on that hour long radio spot is the gold standard for who’s hot right now. If you have already heard of an artist who just made a Diplo and Friends mix, you were in before the masses. If you have never heard of an artist who just made a Diplo and Friends mix, they are someone you need to be checking out. [Listen here]

In his head-turning hour-long mix, HXV brings the rap and dark techno, complete with blazing hi-hats, booming basslines and a curated list of some of the South’s finest, most raucous players (Gucci Mane and Travi$ Scott included) alongside brash club players like Len Faki, Brodinski, ZZT and Proxy. But what’s most alluring about the hour-long set is this: It’s absolutely impossible to pigeonhole, or pin down, just like HXV. – Beatport News

VAVLT strives for a sense of community among attendees. Pollard–whose first love is rap/hip-hop, whose heart pulsates to the beat of 808s–has the unique ability to get many different types of people under one roof with the start of his VAVLT BOYS side project. No matter what side of town you are coming from all unite under one goal: let’s hear some good music. The vibe in the crowd is always mature and friendly. You could easily strike up pleasant conversation with the stranger beside you or you can choose to lose yourself in the music alone. Drinks are reasonably priced and the sound system isn’t a Funktion-One but, it is everything you need when you’re surrounded by good friends, good vibes, and great music. The basement atmosphere of The Music Room combined with DJs in the back corner in dark clothes blending in with the night and allowing the music to be the center of attention is a refreshing break from the total sensory overload that has become popularized by commercial dance music.

As the event continues the VAVLT BOYS intend on introducing the Edgewood neighborhood to what they believe is the next generation of notable music and DJ personalities in ATL. Pollard’s love for music of all genres, especially for music created in Atlanta, is no secret. He takes pride in the audio and visual art created in his city and VAVLT is an event created to propagate that affection as the community, both DJ and attendee, naturally grooms the next generation of ATL music lovers and music makers.

I am especially excited about this Friday’s event with RL Shine and Descender livening up the crowd before the VAVLT BOYS take the decks. RL Shine is a female DJ who is making massive moves in the ATL music scene. A woman of a multitude of talents, DJing is just one thing she does well. Her excellent taste in music and strong local following will contribute to the packed dance floor that starts when she goes on at 10pm and doesn’t end until the venue kicks everyone out. She is sometimes accompanied by live percussionist Ian Live. Hopefully he makes it out this time. I am less familiar with the music and vibe of Descender, however, I think that’s the point. I can’t wait to discover more new music this Friday the 13th at VAVLT in Edgewood’s The Music Room.