Sometimes in life, the biggest and grandest things are felled by the most diminutive of opponents.

Electric Forest is no exception.

The legendary growth of mature red pines known as Sherwood Forest, which is home to one of the most spiritually transcendent music festivals around, has been brought to its knees by the many legs of the 5 millimeter long Mountain Pine Beetle. According to Reddit contributor rural_problems, Double JJ Ranch, the home of EF, has contacted local foresters in an attempt to quell the infestation.

That being said, in June of 2013 the festival was forced to relocate a stage following an isolated infestation of the same insect. Their solution then, and the only effective solution to this day, is to clear cut the diseased trees or let them rot to dust. We can only hope that, as before, this plague won’t detract from the magnificence of the forest nor the magic of the festival.