Swedish wunderkind Herman Olvik, also known by his musical pseudonym Olwik, is an 18 year-old producer infatuating the music scene with his modern progressive sound and use of live instruments. From a very young age, Olwik has been musically inclined and trained for instruments such as piano, guitar and drums. Someone once said that you can’t expect too much from yourself as an artist, much less a producer, if you do not have music theory or some type of musical background. A year ago, I was transfixed on Olwik’s original production of “Taking Over” featuring the vocals of Alexa Lusader one fateful summer night, while driving down Michigan Ave with the windows down. It astounded me that the mastermind behind the song was only 17 at the time. I’ve been following up with his work ever since and I can tell that Olwik is cultivating his skill on a regular basis. It shows as shortly after the release of Elephante’s “Shake The Earth” remix, Kasum saught out for Olwik to remix one of his own collaborations.

Olwik’s take on Synchronice and Kasum’s “Glorious” provides listeners with a vibey, uplifting progressive house boost accompanied by Olwik’s guitar. It’s a euphoric, transcending melody that creates an ecliptic of resonance. The artist has gotten support from the likes of Blasterjaxx, Juicy M and Trademark. You can take a listen below:

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