Few producers can say that they pioneered a genre the way that Tchami can. From the release of “Untrue,” which signaled the arrival of the future house genre, to his remix of Jack U’s “Take U There,” the illustrious French producer has pushed the boundaries of house music with all of his productions. A year removed from his latest EP, Promesses, the dance world has been waiting with baited breath for the next Tchami original, and we’re happy to say that the wait is officially over, as Tchami’s next EP, After Life, has a name and a track.

The title track of the EP, “After Life,” highlights what the father of future house has in store for 2015. In the track, Tchami dives into a dark and brooding atmosphere, before surfacing with his signature experimental synth stabs that give the track a big, groovy feel.

The music video for “After Life” follows the tragic story of a man on the beach, contemplating suicide, until a woman, who we’re assuming is a product of his fragmented mind, convinces him to go into the water to drown himself. While he is struggling to stay afloat in the water, the woman (his mind) pushes him underwater as his body fights his mind to stay alive.

Tchami’s rise last year can be attributed to his uncanny ability of bridging the underground with the mainstream. His legacy as a superstar, however, lies in the experience that Tchami creates for his listeners. The future house flagbearer is not only defining the house music of today, but he is also re-defining the house music of the future.