When it comes to dance music, the island nation of Haiti isn’t particularly the first talent incubator that comes to mind. However, Haitian Michael Brun is making moves to change that. His latest endeavor, a remix of Shanahan’s ‘Ivory,’ (which coincidentally I have never heard, nor was able to track down,) ┬áis living proof of this.

The tune’s intro had me convinced I was about to sit through yet another boring big room tune. That soon changed with the abject lack of a generic super saw melody, instead the intro gives way to a more trancey, rhytmic build. On the drop, Brun treats listeners to a rolling, yet groovey bassline that completely forgoes the usual big room gimmicks. No pryda snares, no melody breaks, just pure and simple well executed composition. Tasteful backing saws drive the tune forward and progress the arrangement. It’s an excellent offering from an artist that’s only recently blipped on my radar. I encourage you to peep the tune below and for the love of God if you track the original down, please post it in the comments!