Axwell /\ Ingrosso are making strides to further electronic music as an art form with the incorporation of detailed story-lines set to stunning visuals; they’re leaving the term music video behind and adapting short movies to their records. These records, progressive and electro influenced house productions, are clean and anthemic as always. Both “On My Way” & “Can’t Hold Us Down” serve as perfect soundtracks to the accompanying movies due to their clean production, catchy hooks, and energetic breaks.

The story line follows Axwell & Ingrosso as they attempt to con a back-alley fighting ring to make a quick buck. As they’re leaving the fight, money in pocket, their car fails to start and they are chased down in epic fashion by the bookies who were the subject of their con. The best part is the culmination of the chase where the duo have nowhere else to run and are confronted by two hulking figures, one of whom surprises us all and breaks it down dance-off style.

The movie cuts there and it seems the two have plans to piece together an even more detailed and entertaining story with future releases, as part two leaves us with the same ominous “to be continued” as part one did. Check out both short films below: