There are a lot of things I would do if I had the money – buy a nice car, travel the world, give to charities, etc. But for the audiophile in all of us, upgrading your sound system is also likely on that list. I don’t have a producer’s set up with KRKs or anything (I have a modest Klipsch 2.1, but it gets the job done), but in a world where money didn’t matter, I would splurge.

Enter ixoost‘s custom-made sound systems, fashioned from the exhaust pipes – “the real heart of an automobile engine” – of Formula 1 race cars.

These absolutely beautiful creations are all “tailor made and crafted by hand for the customer.” Prices start at € 5250,00 ($5500 USD) and you can choose between three exhaust models.

[T]hrough their series of individual dock stations, compatible with smartphones and mp3 players, ixoost translates the importance of sound projected from supercars and their motors during competition, into unique devices for listening to your own musical soundtracks; offering iconographic transformations of everyday mechanics into functional objects for personal use.

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Source & Photos via Design Boom & ixoost