Everyone has their own personal sanctuary – a place you can go to form your own thoughts, be alone with yourself, and excise yourself from the surrounding world. For me, that place has always been my alma mater. For DJs, that place is often in the studio. Though, I can’t speak from experience, the feeling of immersing yourself in your creativity and music has been shown to make one lose track of time completely; I’ve heard many stories of producers completely forgetting to eat, as well.

So many producers have shared pics of their studios – Noisia, Danny Tenaglia, Knife Party, and A-Trak. Deadmau5 himself has gone through various iterations of studios, modifying and remodeling them as his needs changed. A couple days ago, he posted some new blueprints on Instagram of a new studio he’s planning, dubbing it “Mau5trap studios v3.” The name would suggest that it won’t be a totally personal studio, but who knows.

Mau5trap studios v3. Plans and drawings complete! Let's smash down some fuckin walls!

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