Joe Nebula has been around the music scene for as long as I’ve been alive. In the early 90’s, Nebula was a member of rave group Nebula2, and founded his own label Back2You Recordings in the late 2000s. The latest release from Back2You, Collective EP, showcases Joe Nebula’s own bass music as well as tunes and remixes from several of the label’s prime artists.

Title track “Collective” by Revolver & Leona features unique percussion that instantly reminded me of the theme from the anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex by Origa and Yoko Kanno. The deep kicks and dark melody are paired nicely with hypnotic and enchanting vocals.

Nebula2, Dapz, and DJ Kambel come together for “Turn It Up”, which features smooth R&B-like vocals from Shun Ward. The upbeat percussion and catchy melody make this drum & bass track perfect for the dancefloor.

Joe Nebula‘s “Matter Maybe” features sultry vocals from Cherry Mars and a smooth, deep bassline. The emotional melody and pretty synths are perfect with the soulful lyrics.

“Stardust” from Crisis is my favorite on the album. The energetic dnb track features liquid percussion and angelic chopped vocals atop a deep, groovy bassline. The melody and synths made me feel like I had scored the invincibility star in Mario Kart.

The EP also features several remixes of “Matter Maybe”, “Turn It Up”, and “Collective” from Echo Inada, Rowpieces, and Crisis. Listen to the full EP below, and grab the EP now on iTunes.