My second article ever on Your EDM was on a Sluggo x Nerd Rage collab, if you can believe it. So when I saw their two names on a track again, you can bet it caught my attention.

For this round, they’ve teamed up for a raucous drumstep banger that’s sure to make you shit yourself. Using quotes from what seems the be the Lich King from Adventure Time – please, someone tell me I’m right – the track is an ominous half-time DnB tune that makes use of harsh and discordant dubstep synths along with a myriad of other effects to elicit a singular experience. The warbling bass synth will give your bassface a workout while the drums are punchy enough to make you want to kick a baby down the stairs (please don’t do that).

However you feel about that grimy ish, that bass in your face, you had better check out “Up In Arms” and get your free copy while you’re at it.