Looking for something fresh to help you get over that mid-week hump? Look no further: Black Monday is all you need. We don’t know a whole lot about this new face on the scene, but he comes highly recommended by the TastyTreat boys and clearly doesn’t give flying f*ck about sticking to a specific genre.

Case in point: his new tune, ‘Behold’. Black Monday takes the vibe from ambient and eerie to heavy and hard hitting without skipping a beat, blending together elements of future bass, trap, and deep dubs. Ethereal, operatic vocal chanting melds itself into gritty sub-bass spalls as hip-hop inspired drums drive the track forward; not quickly though, mind you. While the tune steadily progresses, the sound design and tempo create an effect reminiscent of slow-motion, like sprinting through molasses. That’s a feat that truly displays some talent and we’re quite excited to see where that talent takes this young artist.

Check out the full stream of ‘Behold’ after the jump and cop that free download if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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