It seems Krewella could be off to a rough start in festival season.

Filed a day ago on, festival goers have taken to the internet to voice their frustration over Krewella being booked to headline Summer Camp Music Festival. Loyal veterans of the festival believe that the recent break up and lawsuits surrounding Krewella will bring a crowd of unwanted ravers.

Summer Camp Music Festival has predominantly been a live band festival and over the years, festival organizers have tried to diversify their lineup by slowly introducing EDM acts. In the past, Summer Camp Music Festival has hosted the likes of Bassnectar and Pretty Lights but with the addition of Krewella, fans are putting their foot down.

Veterans of the festival claim that booking Krewella is a big “Fuck You” to their faces by continuing to bring 1-2 EDM acts to a non-EDM festival.

You know, because diversity in a festival lineup is SUCH a bad thing.

The petition has 583 signatures and needs 417 more to reach their goal of 1,000. If interested, you can read and sign the petition here.


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