About two months ago, Excision and Pegboard Nerds released a collaboration called “Bring the Madness,” ft. Mayor Apeshit with a rhythm so filthy it made mud look clean. The original displayed a style truly representative of both parties, with an infectious lyrical verse reminiscent of some of Excision’s most popular tracks and the melody-driven, high-octane sounds of Pegboard. It’s a very intimidating task to try and remix a piece of production so heavy and unique on its own, but that didn’t stop Aero ChordNoisestormErotic Café, and Trinergy & Tim Ismag from bringing their A-game on the song’s official remix package, released today.

First is a pure, no BS dubstep flip by Trinergy & Tim Ismag. The introduction features the vocals from the original – mostly unaltered – with an ominous piano ballad leaking through the cracks. After a quick build and an 8-bit cascade, the track explodes into a sound that immediately takes you back to the older days of dubstep. I hear Madeon, Snails, and Skrillex influences all over the break, as an immeasurable amount of synths, effects, and percussive elements completely take over the sonic space and keep your whole body moving no matter how hard you try to sit still. The second go-round will have you on your knees, as the slightly delayed walls of synth bring a whole new meaning to “head banging”.

My personal favorite, is by Erotic Café. This trio truly saw the original’s remix potential, which can be heard all throughout the track. Beginning with a short trap section during Mayor Apeshit’s verse complete with rolling hi-hats and brass stings, the song quickly transforms into a deep house-inspired burner. With recognizable dubstep elements and an underlying complextro vibe, Erotic Café teeters on the border between many different styles during the length of the flip. Halfway through, they increase the tempo into a eore dubstep-oriented beat full of life and character, remembering to include deep house synths and stabs wherever they can. Erotic Café manages to keep the entire track interesting and forward-moving, changing up the approach frequently and effectively.

Aero Chord‘s drop belongs in an RL Grime mix. With an unexpected, halftime trap beat and an exotic, lax synth pattern, the remix is one of the most satisfying to listen to on the entire package. He uses the screeching monkey samples from the original as a main song element, and it pays off. The song truly ties the compilation together by giving listeners a groovier and less in-your-face respite between the bangers. Noisestorm brings the heat with his remix, beginning with an epic trumpet section and a marching band aesthetic. The drop features high-paced, thumping bass and wailing synth elements that sound like they came from a Jack Ü set. With a relentless percussion section and a professional attention to detail, you’ll be sure to hear this one at your next festival.

The “Bring The Madness” remix package is out now on Monstercat, and can be downloaded for free through their website.