A Dane, a Frenchman, a Spaniard, and an American have joined forces for a Bollywood music video. It opens with the beautiful showing off some fluid dance talents, joined by a native Bollywood dance crew. Surprisingly, the Hindi dancing suits this moombahton bounce anthem, with Major Lazer and DJ Snake joining in on the fun. The entirety of the video is centered around the two separate groups, one being and the other Major Lazer and DJ Snake, grooving to the beat with a pack of Bollywood dancers, with the exception of Diplo and lounging in a flowered hot tub. Shot towards the end of Major Lazer’s India Tour last year, this has already become one of my favorite videos, as the massive collaboration effort could have pooled some money for an extravagant video. Instead they went with aesthetic simplicity, albeit expensive for sure, and show a pleasant side to the usually overwhelming music style. Check it out below!