Netherlands-based duo June Miller comes from a diverse musical background, with roots mainly in punk and hardcore. They’ve been killing the drum & bass game for a couple of years now, and their versatile talent and intense passion for music is apparent in every release. The duo has been locked in my sights since their Ups & Downs EP earlier this year, and their newest remix of Dr Meaker‘s “Freaks” featuring Cappo D and Sharlene Hector has proven that they deserve to remain there.

The remix starts off with an intro that keeps the emotion and soul of the vocals alive atop the clean piano melody. The tune then quickly picks up momentum and drops into a gritty, adrenaline-fueled bassline . This heavy, high-energy take on the track is an excellent compliment to the melodic original, each showing a completely different side of drum & bass.

The track will be available as part of a remix EP on April 12th from Circus Records (pre-order on iTunes here). Listen below.