Out from the ashes comes forth a legendary Trance producer whose early, pioneering tracks have influenced a generation of newer artists to continue Trance’s long standing survival. Belgian’s own Fred Baker began his tenure within the Trance community back in 2003 on Magik Muzik with his single of My Thing and his collaboration project on As One with Mr. Sam on Forever Waiting and during his time as a producer, he maintained releases on influential labels such as Vandit, ASOT, Monster Tunes and In Trance We Trust. Later on, his releases would become increasingly sporadic until 2009 when he vanished without a trace, but not before managing to score a smashing cult hit with his single of Mysteryland underneath his Y-Traxx guise. While he hasn’t been on our radar within the past 5 years, he managed to resurface again on KEARNAGE Recordings with a cheeky collaboration with M.I.K.E. on Never Ending underneath their joint Active Sight alias. Fast forward two years later as we see Fred Baker start to make a comeback with a brand new solo single to be released on Bryan Kearney‘s KEARNAGE Recordings entitled Rebirth, to signify the awaited return of this great Trance legend. While the original is fantastic on its own accord, we here at Your EDM must tip our hats over to the main man that is Adam Ellis, as he transformed this single into a fantastic representation of what Baker‘s older material sounded like, (while updating the sound to modern day specifications).

For the past several months, Adam Ellis has been hard at work in discovering his own, unique sound, and throughout constant experimentation into other different styles of Uplifting and Tech Trance, he has slowly filled his position as an artist who is in love with the classics, and wishes to bring that sound and that euphoric feeling into the modern era of Trance music. After his release of Agent Orange, (which served as the official follow up to his 2014 smash, Napalm Poet), his sound has been going into a purer direction, with releases such as his single of Aulus and a remix to Liam Wilson‘s Kiss on Solarstone‘s Pure Trance label, (as well as remixes for Andy Moor and Lange). To continue this trend, his stellar remix to Fred Baker‘s Rebirth was tailor made to be featured on Pure Trance‘s V3 mix compilation with Bryan Kearney on mixing duties, and the beautifully crafted mix is a true testament to not only Mr. Ellis‘ talents, but also in sustaining the older spirit of Trance culture to newer fans who can experience the same magic as the previous generation did. In fact, with the recent direction that Bryan Kearney has taken with his own Uplifting productions, we can clearly see the influence that has transferred into Ellis‘ own projects as the relationship between mentor and artist is solidified within the bright confines of euphoria and harmony. With more and more artists taking a stand in creating Trance music like how it was, Pure Trance as a movement is starting to become more and more prevalent within today’s music scene, and even if Trance continues to split off into many interpretive directions, there are still a number of dedicated artists who will always keep the true spirit of Trance alive and well.

Adam Ellis‘ magnificent remix of Fred Baker‘s Rebirth is out now on KEARNAGE Recordings, so make sure to purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure to check out the Original Mix as well, everyone!


Keep the music alive. -Q




Picture Credit: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CABoFTeU8AAQBXj.jpg:large