Hearing this remix for the first time inadvertently caused me to access my innermost thug and blurt out to PR, “YO DAWG THIS REMIX IS PHAT.” I guarantee you that I do not speak like that in normal circumstances, but I felt like this track just simply warranted that much enthusiasm. After coming back from a festival this weekend with loads upon loads of hyphy trap music and squelchy bass, this remix feels even more natural now than it did when I first heard it a week ago.

The original was a really awesome track that showed how much influence hip hop can have in EDM production, but FreeFall reminded us all that EDM is where the heart truly is. With a heavy trap beat and a powerful progression driving it forward, there is no opportunity to be bored with this new mix. The heavy bass in the chorus is transplanted perfectly into the new remix with more pronounced 808s and hi hats while the drops are noticeably more intense. I doubt that a more appropriate remix could surface in comparison to FreeFall’s. It hits every check point in the “how to make a proper remix” list and for that, you should absolutely download this track. Listen and get your free copy below.