Do you like free music or good music? What if you could get your hands on a song that was both free and good? I’m here to tell you can after coming across this tune.

Size Records giant Max Vangeli and Italian duo Flatdisk partnered up and brainstormed to create a tune off of Kryder‘s free music label Sosumi Records. The track known as “Skin” could not arrive at a better time as the Winter Music Conference in Miami has kicked off and will fill that week with added groove¬†and energy. Max Vangeli and Flatdisk create a tune that injects the melody with a flair of disco and drops into a vigorous explosion of funky plucks and tantalizing kicks.

If you are planning on making the trek to Miami for Ultra Music Festival or any of the other events taking place, make sure to have this track downloaded to your music players and hardwired to your brain. Expect this track to be played all over Miami nonstop. Also make sure to keep an extra eye out (or ear out) for Max Vangeli as he has made some buzz about what fans can expect from him in the future.