With a heavy festival season around the corner, Sailors has released a tropical summer burner just in time for WMC. Their newest single, ‘Diamonds,’ bounces hard with some feel good house akin to the soulful vibes of French Kiwi Juice. The brotherly duo has an impressive repertoire of remixes, but their original mixes showcase innovative quirks that are getting them noticed. Featuring a full kick, steamy vocals, and polished melodies, this track is truly a testament to their roots and elevated production talent. Remember their name, you’ll be hearing a lot more about these guys soon.

We had the pleasure of asking Sailors a few questions we’ve been dying to know. Read on to hear Sailors open up about their childhood, innovation, and musical upbringing.

When did you each decide that you wanted to make music as a duo?

We decided to make music as a duo because we realized it was convenient, since we live in the same house and could always work on music together. It started around 8 years ago with alternative rock and then we moved into electronic.

Tropical house music is extremely popular. What makes your sound so different from what’s being put out there already?

We always try to innovate our music by finding inspiration from different artists and genres. We try to incorporate sounds from non electronic music to give it a unique feel.

What were some of your favorite things to do together while growing up?

We’ve always loved to play instruments together, go fishing, play football, watch movies and hang out with friends. And when we were younger we spent a lot of time playing outside.

What are some specific goals are you are wanting to reach in this industry?

To be recognized as innovative musicians and also be associated with a style and not a genre. We’d love to make a living out of this since it’s what we like to do most. Waking up everyday in a different city, spreading our “feel good” music.

What kind of emotions or messages do you want to convey to the world with your music?

When we make our music it’s important for us to be in a good mood because it translates to our songs, and we want to make everybody feel good. When writing our lyrics we generally talk about positive things in life.

Sailors is relentlessly charging Mexico’s house scene, be sure to scope their latest mix for InDeep is a deep trek into the sunnier side of house. Grab ‘Diamonds’ now on Beatport.