After the Full Flex Express tour was cancelled in 2013 due to logistical issues, many people ended up completely forgetting about the train-traveling tour and epic lineup. As Skrillex began work with Jack U and Dog Blood and released Recess in the meantime, there was plenty to keep fans busy and occupied.

It seems that the idea never fully left Skrillex’s mind though as the tour is set to begin again. Stopping in eight cities across Canada, the as-of-yet undisclosed lineup will likely be a big hit for our neighbors up north who may not see as many tours stop by as we do down here in the states.

Check out the flashback video below and prepare to get hyped.

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July 8th – Ottawa, ON
July 9th – Quebec City, QC
July 10th – Montreal, QC
July 11th – Toronto, ON
July 14th – Winnipeg, MB
July 15th – Saskatoon, SK
July 17th – Calgary, AB
July 19th – Pemberton, BC