“Nonsense” featuring Mark Foster of Foster the People is Madeon’s most current single off of his debut album, Adventure, premiering March 30th. The excitement has been building up since the producer’s initial announcement via social media months before. This time, the French wunderkind was excited to get in the studio with the indie-rock lead singer.

“I’ve always wanted to work with Mark—I first met Foster the People when they were playing on Letterman for their first album and we’ve kind of kept in touch,” Madeon reveals.

The approach with which the recording session took place was also a bit different, with an improvisation of everything on the spot. “I came [to the studio] with nothing prepared. Just my computer, me, and Mark, and we wrote the song from scratch. It was actually my birthday, so we celebrated. It was the best time,” Madeon says. I have to say that for something that has been written up on the spot, the song delivers an eclipse of mellow euphoria, resonating with a down-tempo, dance rhythm that ultimately transcends the listener to a dreamy state of mind. The idea of featuring a live guest spot by Foster is still under deliberation, but Madeon is hyped to put the plan in motion as he is working on a new version specifically for the live performance. Check out the stream below:

Source: EW
Photo Source: Beatport