We here at Your EDM love supporting the often neglected genre of Progressive Trance within our detailed reviews, and we also love supporting our local heroes from here in the states as best as we can. Therefore, when we heard about a single that combined both of our passions into one, neat release, we couldn’t help but pounce on this single to showcase to our readers. Of course, we only choose the best within our Trance reviews and we can say with certainty that this release is definitely quality within our book. When we last caught a hold of San Francisco’s own Danny Chen, we reviewed his sublime Prog Trance remix to Sollito‘s Javelin off of Elliptical Sun Recordings, and since then have kept a close eye on his future projects. After the release of a couple remixes to Kynaze and Sokko & LyonsTogether and Daniel Sea vs. Static & BassFlashback, he now marks his third return to Alter Ego Progressive with the debut of his first ever vocal single entitled Everything We Lost, which features the stunning vocals of Nicole Rodriguez, another local from the West Coast of California. While the original is fantastic on its own accord, we actually leaned towards the fantastic melodies of New York City’s own Monoverse, who is currently taking the Progressive Trance scene by storm with his undeniably fresh and focused sound. We first caught wind of this extraordinary talent when he released he free track of Listen To Be Heard, and have since supported him with his colossal Khiera single, which was released on Infrasonic Future back in July of last year.

This young lad has been making some serious moves within his career as he slowly transitions out from the local scene into the international seas with a flurry of beautifully crafted releases. Locally, he is a well known and well respected producer and DJ who even had the pleasure of opening for Aly & Fila during their massive 350 celebrations in NYC that included hard hitting talents such as Bryan Kearney, Lange, Andy Moor, John O’Callaghan, Solarstone and more, (with a cheeky B2B with Sied van Riel, if I might add). With stunning Trance releases on Enhanced Music‘s DS-R and Lange Recordings labels, he now returns to his roots as he reworks Everything We Lost into a perfect, harmonic masterpiece that fully extends the expressive capabilities within his own musical/artistic abilities. Throughout the continuous lifespan of Progressive Trance, Monoverse has always been one of those artists that has stuck to his wonderfully meaningful style without succumbing to the tempting route of Progressive House, (like so many of his contemporaries) and this bold affirmation of devoting his works into all things musically emotional is not only respectful within its own right, but is also inspiring for those who may think that the emotional side of Trance is slowly fading away to the gaping maw that is the Mainstage sound. We need people like him to keep the vulnerability within Trance and to give people hope when hope seems lost, as Trance is a very powerful and effective tool that closely marries the depths of sound and mind together into the closest harmony that one can faithfully create within a creative atmosphere. And for that, we thank you Monoverse, for keeping Trance alive for a new generation of listeners to enjoy and to discover what many have discovered before: pure euphoria of life.

Monoverse‘s stunning remix to Danny Chen‘s Everything We Lost is out now on Alter Ego Progressive via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure to check out the outstanding original, as well as the delightful remix of Puma Scorz & Sunset!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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