The latest from Play Me Records dropped yesterday, an EP from Orfaz titled Part One. We’re not sure how many parts there will be in total, but for sure if this is the beginning of a journey, I’m sticking through to the end.

The four-member group has just released an intense 3-track EP spanning various realms of electronic music from dubstep to electro to trap. No matter what you’re preference is (unless you only listen to trance), you’ll find something you like on this EP. “Deep Threat” is a wild tune with deep bass growls and a pulse-pounding rhythm usually characteristic of Kill The Noise or Feed Me. “Playground” is a delightfully playful midtempo track that does its namesake justice; it’s very much like being on a playground as a child, filled with a sense of wonderment and infinite possibilities. “Chick Chopper” gets back into the nitty gritty with a huge trap tune sure to tug at the thug in all of us. Those pitched vocal chops really do the trick.

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