Before you read further, we want you to know we have already contacted PETA to handle this atrocity.

The Michael Vick of EDM, Deadmau5, recently uploaded an Ebay listing for his cat, Professor Meowingtons.

Earning his degree at Harvard University, Professor Meowingtons has been a pioneer in astrophysics and has made significant strides to uncovering the secrets of dark matter. Now however, his career is in great jeopardy.

Deadmau5 recently lost all of his popularity and monthly earnings due to fans “siding with Krewella” and boycotting the Canadian star from playing any more shows. Now only book shows at local dive bars, Deadmau5 is trying to liquidate his assets. Naturally, being the caretaker of a feline astrophysicist  has its perks.

“I’m just trying to bounce back, man,”  Deadmau5 told Your EDM. “I want to show the kids I really do love EDM and i’m here to cater to their needs.”

While fans are quickly trying to buy Professor Meowingtons, extensive background checks are being ordered for all serious buyers.

You can check out the Ebay posting and bid HERE.



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