The bass music mastermind known as Eprom has just taken things to the next level with a slew of six brand new tracks that make me want to puke pixelated rainbows of happiness all over my computer screen. There was no announcement, no warning of any kind. Just all of a sudden, bam. Tunes. This most recent collection of ridiculously insane bass music is sure to inspire many an epic eye rollingly bassgasm as they tear into your skull with a bass heavy ferocity & glitchiness that only Eprom can provide. My favorites in this bunch are One Oh Eight, Knock Undergound, & Empire; but honestly they’re all golden. Eprom has been my hero and personal favorite artist for about two years now, and this new wave of tracks is going to create more than a few more die hard fans. Every serious basshead needs Eprom in their lives. Gritty, metallic, digital-step for the win!