When RAM exclusively signed Teddy Killerz to their label last November, fans of the genre everywhere were ecstatic. Though the Russian trio have produced more than just DnB in the past, their hard-hitting 174 BPM productions were often the most popular. I recently even had the chance to premiere a track from their debut EP on the label.

However, now they’ve gone and betrayed the scene they were just welcomed in to. Early this morning, Teddy Killerz posted on Facebook that they were tired of the DnB and neurofunk sound. It’s not entirely surprising, considering one of the three has been making house beats for a while now. Still, we can’t help but feel like this is a direct kick in the balls to fans.

From their Facebook:

As we said in few interviews in past, we were looking for a new fresh sound of Teddy Killerz. It’s been quiet a long time since we entered Neurofunk scene. It was awesome three years, but we always felt that we are missing something.
Now we feel like it’s right time to to step forward & to admit to ourselves that we are tired of Drum & Bass a little.
We want to share with you three unshown tunes we made during our journey to a new sound. There will be more later in 2015.

Teddy Killerz

And RAM is definitely not happy.

This news is made even more real as UKF Drum & Bass has already reported on the atrocity.

You can take a listen to the tracks below, I mean… if you want.