For this article, I scoured my library for an appropriate song to fit into the sentence, “Pegboard Nerds release their best song since …” However, I ran into a little trouble. You see, I would have had to just choose “… since their last release.” Pegboard Nerds, the unlikely duo of Alex Odden and Michael Parsberg, have been throwing out hits since their inception. With every release, they absolutely reinvent and redefine their sound, refusing to stick to any singular genre or influence. They’ve collaborated with Krewella, Infected Mushroom, Excision, Splitbreed, Tristam and probably a couple others I’m forgetting. And with every release comes a different style and new level of respect from me.

Their newest track is a simple original, entitled “Try This.” Thanks to a friend at Monstercat, I’ve had this track since Monday. And it’s been on repeat since Monday. This seriously might be my favorite track they’ve ever released. (You know, until the next release.) I’m trying to reign in my excitement but this is definitely one of the top drumstep tracks I’ve ever heard, since Noisestorm’s “Breakdown VIP.” The horns absolutely carry the bulk of the excitement, but the bassline, synths, and drums all coalesce into one magnificent piece of music that I cannot stop listening to. The spy movie vibes are super strong, and if you’ve seen any kind of cheesy spy movie from the ’90s or ’80s, then you’ll feel like you’re slipping into a time paradox.

I have no doubt in my mind that if Pegboard Nerds were to release a full album or even EP (something they haven’t done since The Lost Tracks back in 2013) that it would be one of the most diverse collections of incredible music this year. For now, just listen to “Try This” and rock out.

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Photo via Rukes