It’s time to bid farewell to the week and give a warm welcome to the weekend! And as if on cue, Elevated Mind is here to help ease the transition from work to play with his brand new EP, Synesthesia.

This is his second official album release and we’re thrilled to see how far he’s come since Elliptical Fields. He’s honed his skills and sharpened up his sound to a fine point, striking a perfect balance between grimy and melodic. The sound design throughout the EP is deliciously gooey, with a little added crunch here and there for good measure. So much of today’s music just hits and moves on, but Elevated Mind creates bona fide sonic textures, music you can feel throughout your body. We haven’t heard synth-work this thick since Heyoka was still a thing; combined with extra crisp percussion and tight grooves, it makes for a very unique take on glitch-hop. Oh, and did we mention there’s a collaboration with Bay Area native turned Colorado denizen, Dubvirus, on there as well?

In short, you’ll definitely regret sleeping on this release. Check out the full stream of Elevated Mind‘s Synesthesia EP after the jump and grab a copy of it for yourself if you’re feelin’ the vibes; the good people at Chillage Records have made it available as a pay-what-you-can download!


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[Mastering: Peter Farr (aka Urple Eeple) at Prismaphonic]

[Artwork: Brian Pollett]