You’re going to want to be sitting down before reading this. Goldenvoice has new bathrooms for this year’s Coachella and Stagecoach festivals.

If you’ve ever been to a music festival, there’s no need to explain the unspeakable atrocities that go down in the porta potties. After the first 20 minutes of the event, stepping into one of these only happens in a life or death situation. While providing hundreds of these transportable toilets is cheap and relatively familiar to the crowds, Coachella has finally decided to upgrade their facilities and hopefully provide a cleanlier and more tasteful alternative to the coffins of Hell.



These spick and span restrooms will be able to accessed through the “terrace” section of the Polo Grounds, and will be free for all. Unlike many of Goldenvoice’s recent VIP access editions to the festivals’ facilities, these will surely come as a welcome amenity to all the attendees. The buildings will hold 324 stalls, as well as long connected sinks to accommodate the imminent onslaught of users coming in and out.



Source & Photos: Curbed