I’ve featured Bass Farmers once before, last October, and they blew me away. I’m so happy to say that they have improved by leaps and bounds since then – something I truly admire. I hate it when a producer becomes stale.

This is definitely anything but stale. The production is super crisp, with a very clean and original bassline. The sound design reminds me heavily of a lot of younger producers’ like Tucker Kreway and Ray Volpe, in that the design is basic but still well crafted. Tucker Kreway and Ray Volpe have both gone on to become seriously strong producers in their own rights, and I believe that possibility exists for Bass Farmers, as well.

Lest I forget about the magnificent vocals, Lara Woolf does a wonderful job, as well.

You can get “Feed The Fire,” along with the rest of the Cultivation, Pt. 1 EP here.