Earlier this week, REVOLVR teased Facebook with his take on the new producer sampling fad sweeping the internet lately. The choice of sample? Iggy Azalea’s butchered take on “Look Out For Detox” by Kendrick Lamar. What is she even saying? This is what happens you’re not an on-point female rapper, like, say, Nicki Minaj, and can’t keep up with the speedy flow of Kendrick. Then enters Revolvr to take her gibberish and tease us with an awesome 30 second electro-crazed dance track. Today he graced us with the full version of the completed track, entitled “Raptor Badger.” He also was so kind to answer some questions about what drove him to Iggy to begin with. Check out his reply and the track below. POW! POW!

1.) What was your inspiration for making the track? Why choose Iggy?

haha it was such a spontaneous thing that happened. I came across that infamous video of her live rapping, and instantly the first thing that came to my mind, well after trying to figure out what she was saying, was “hmm I could totally make a beat out of this!”, then went straight to my studio, opened up Ableton and started messing around with the pieces.  

2.) How long did it take you to finish the rough cut? The final track?

The rough beat that you hear in the video, took about an hour to throw together.  It kind of just manifested itself once the gears started turning.  Sometimes ideas can come together so fast, what you hear in the video is pretty much a quick sketch. After deciding I was going to actually make a full tune out of it, it took about 3 days in the studio to lay out the arrangement, design some new sounds, add more ideas, and do the final mix down. 

3.) What was your initial reaction when you saw it starting to go viral?

To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed!  I put it up for my friends and fans, give them something silly to enjoy, maybe get a few hundred likes or so without really thinking anything else of it.  The next thing I know, the video got thousands of likes within hours and I was like “holy crap!”.  By the time I woke up the next morning, it broke 1 million views.  I definitely was not expecting that! The whole thing seemed pretty surreal, and it still does!