Russian born, Siberian DJ Nina Kraviz discovered dance music at a young age, when she first heard the acid house classic “Downfall.” She was immediately entranced by the genre and soon set up her own show featuring techno and house on a local radio station. Yet, growing up in Irkutsk, Russia, she found herself a great many miles away from any major dance scenes and she instead chose to focus on becoming a dentist. While in school, she worked part time as a journalist for a Russian music magazine in Moscow, which would open her up to a new, wide range of music and inspire her to continue building her record collection. She eventually started spinning again, playing small clubs around town and also working for an event agency, putting on major dance events that featured names such as Juan Atkins.

In 2006, Nina attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne, which helped build her confidence in herself as an artist and would prove to be the launch point of her career. Returning to Moscow, she started her own Friday night shows at Propaganda, one of the major clubs in the Russian capitol, featuring techno and house. Eventually, she was signed to the Underground Quality label and released her first track “Voices.” The success of her next tracks “Pain In the Ass” and “I’m Gonna Get You” would push Nina on to the world stage, but her 2012 homage to Chicago house music “Ghetto Kraviz,” would prove to be her biggest hit to date. Since then, Nina has continued to build her prominence in dance music, playing festivals and major clubs around the world, including Amsterdam Dance Event, Coachella, Decibel, Awakenings, Richie Hawtin’s ENTER project at Space Ibiza, Bergain, Fabric, and The Warehouse Project.

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