There was so much electronic music at this year’s Coachella, it’s a little hard to comprehend. The festival which seemingly boasts a majority of rock and alt is adopting a heavy amount of EDM to keep the crowds young and energetic. One of the most anticipated sets of the weekend was the Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo, whose tropical house styling are for sure a good fit for the polo grounds. (Even if his set was close to midnight on the last day…)

For those who didn’t shun social media for the weekend, you might have gotten a glimpse of a Facebook post or tweet from the producer, teasing some goodies that he would be throwing out into the crowd during his set.

Those lucky enough to catch one found … dun dun DUUUUUUN … his new collaboration with Dillon Francis, entitled “Coming Over,” featuring James Hersey. The tune has that definite laid-back rhythm and sound that tropical house prides itself on; and Hersey’s voice perfectly represents that ideal.  Check out the track below as we await its official release.