If you haven’t heard of Jack Ü, an EDM super-duo of Skrillex and Diplo, you probably started listening to electronic music this morning. Even then I’d still be surprised you managed to avoid this absolute juggernaut of dance. They proved their endless, versatile talents after dropping the most anticipated album of the year, and have garnered the respect of countless producers as it has been one of the most remixed as well. One of their earlier and rougher tracks, “Shark Patrol,” never ended up making the cut.

Originally dropped at their debut live set at the Mad Decent Block Party in 2013, they utterly killed the crowd with its filthy combination of trap percussion and dubstep synths. So why didn’t it make the final cut? Honestly, that is a really good question. You could argue that the bulletproof duo is attempting to cater to a more mainstream crowd. You could argue that they simply thought the track was not on par with the style they were looking to convey. Regardless of their intentions, this devastating track needs to be heard, so check it out below!


H/T Dancing Astronaut | Image Source