The word “rave” gets thrown around a lot these days. In my opinion, a festival can be a rave, but a rave is never a festival. Other than that, I could care less if you called Something Wicked a rave.

In certain parts of the world, legit raves are still a thing. They’re not so much a necessity anymore as much as a remnant of a culture slowly dying, but you’d be mistaken if you thought that they couldn’t still bring a house down.

Local police, riot and a dog squad unit interrupted a full-on drum & bass rave in Australia with 1000 attendees on Sunday morning. The event was likely held following the shutdown of Afterlife, “the long-running D&B party held at Chippendale’s Gladstone Hotel. The Regent St pub was recently bought by new owners, who gave the Afterlife crew one last dance on March 28 before the venue moves in a new direction.”

The event – organised by local D&B crew Channel 707 – was due to run into the wee hours of the morning, but was instead shut down early in the night by police after they received complaints.

Some attendees were allegedly pepper sprayed after they allegedly threw bottles at police. The video below shows some highlights from the event, as well as the arrival of the police around the 7:30 mark. Let this be a lesson, drum & bass shall never die.


Source | H/T