The last time I wrote up Goshfather & Jinco was for their collab with Cory Enemy, highlighting the “Guetta Face” phenomenon. While that tune wasn’t totally my cup of tea, it was at least apparent that the two had production chops. They proved themselves in every single way in this latest collaboration with Icon Collective grad Sullivan King, master of all things electro/guitar on the live stage.

I almost don’t want to give anything away by writing about the track beforehand this time … you know what, I won’t. Listen below, then read on.

Wasn’t that so f*&$ing awesome!?! The combination of metal and trap has never sounded more pure and fiery. The track goes through so many different phases and that’s really the true way to get to my heart – I can’t stand monotony in a track, so the constant switch ups in this, which might annoy a DJ trying to mix it in, are perfect for my naturally inattentive persona.

There are three total drops, a bridge, 2 switch ups, a metal guitar section and an incredible intro/outro. If there was a benchmark for a perfectly constructed track, this would be damn near it. Aside from the inordinate amount of dancing that I’m doing in my own room, the way that this would play out live … I don’t even think I can imagine the carnage.

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