As many of us have come to realize by now, dance music isn’t just something we listen to to fill the silence, it’s fully engrained in our lives. People really do eat, sleep, and breathe EDM, from saving up hundreds of dollars for festival tickets, creating kandi and elaborate outfits for shows, and even trying to make it as a producer or other industry figure. SFX Entertainment – who is not only responsible for Electric Zoo, but also the music marketplace Beatport – conducted a major study to see just that.

Between March 4th and 9th 437 Beatport users ages 18-34 were asked a series of questions pertaining to dance music, culture, and technology. The report confirmed what many had already known, that electronic dance music had evolved to electronic dance culture instead. It also confirmed that the most popular genres were house/deep house, which is also reflected in Beatport’s Top 10 charts. Some other interesting points:

Brands stand to gain affinity by aligning with EMC, according to the survey, with 93% of Beatport users saying they “appreciate when brands help bring them great events,” and 87% saying they have a “more positive perception of a brand knowing that it’s associated with electronic music.

EMC also thrives on connectivity. Those surveyed enhanced their experiences with their smartphones and social media, as 79% said they took photos or videos at events. Another 51% said they sought information about artists or songs on their smartphones while at events, and 50% said they use social media to post about festivals while they are there, with Facebook and Instagram being the most popular.

To read the full report, click here.

Story from Business Wire