Crywolf has been a huge pillar in my life. He directly influenced my last relationship and while it didn’t last, I still have the Snapchat video saved of he and me trying, and failing, to say “hi” to her. More than that, his music has challenged me creatively in coming up with the appropriate words to match the feelings he would time and again instill in me. We’ve talked briefly on social media, and he has always come off as nothing short of a magnificent human being.

A large part of the magic that’s found in his works comes from providing the heart-wrenching vocals himself. They’re known to reduce a grown man to tears, and now you will be able to hear them in an unadulterated fashion you might not have thought possible. Crywolf is releasing his Acoustic EP: Volume 1 on the 27th. Before then, you can hear the acoustic version of “Runaway” from the Runaway EP that Crywolf made with Ianborg.

The already emotionally charged song is made even more powerful with the acoustic instruments and unfiltered vocals. Seriously, this EP is some powerful stuff.

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