In terms of enigmatic personas in electronic music, there are few that can rival Bear Grillz. The DJ in the bear suit has a lot of antics behind his popularity. On the recent Ninja Nation Tour, our friend ETC!ETC! was kind enough to capture some behind-the-scenes footage and call it a documentary. Guests on the tour give their whole hearted opinion on the woodland critter.

There really isn’t much to say. I think I kind of lost respect for him after he started eating all the food on the bus. We just don’t have enough food for a full size bear. How are we supposed to host a tour when we have a bear eating all of our food every single day? You know the expression “Does a bear shit in the woods”? No, he shits on the bus.

– Datsik

To sum it all up, #fuckbeargrillz.


Etc!Etc!: “we all love bear grillz. everything was said for the video guys :)”