As both Porter Robinson and Sunnery James noted in recent interviews with Your EDM, the next big thing in dance music is originality. Those daring to take risks, to step outside their comfort zones are catching the attention of the masses and be rewarded. One of those new artists is Flaxo, a 20-year old producer from New York.

Similar to quirky artists like Ryan Hemsworth, Flaxo’s Sleepover EP will attract electronic music fans who appreciate good composition. Though this might not be the type of music you hear in a nightclub, this is the type of music you can listen to while studying for exams, while in the car, or simply as you wind down after a long day. “Sleepover” is a dreamy tune, with a great variety of drums from 808s to marching band cadences under 8-bit-like synths. “Warmer Climates” opens like a lullaby, before using recorded sounds of the city to guide the song to this massive soundscape, like Porter’s “Sea of Voices.”  “Only You” closes out the 3-track EP as almost a hybrid of the previous two tracks, full of high pitch vox and perfect mellow vibes. Overall, Flaxo does well to capture the essence of electronic music, while adding his own unique flavor with samples and variety of tempo changes.

Flaxo’s Sleepover EP is available as a free download on Soundcloud.