It’s an interesting occurrence when a song gets a drum and bass remix, especially when it’s of the trap variety. “No Control” was first the creation of Bro Safari, UFO!, and Beauty Brain. The cheeky hit uses those super popular boingy synths that are a big hit in many trap and sometimes electro or moombah tunes. But Dieselboy and Mark the Beast’s remix isn’t just drum and bass, it’s a fusion of multiple styles that really change the tone and even energy of “No Control.”

The original version of NO CONTROL by Bro Safari, UFO! and Beauty Brain is a HUGE peak hour trap-influenced dance floor banger. Mark and I paid homage to the energy of the original but put our own unique twist on it. Drum and bass in both tempo and spirit, we added a lot of unique elements to make it little bit tribal and a little bit metal. We wanted to really push the boundaries and make this remix heavy and unique as fuck. I have personally tested this thing all over the place and it absolutely smashes. Enjoy!
– Dieselboy

Listen to the track below, and grab a free download too: