The advent of summer has been drawing near for some time now, and festival season is finally in swing with the passing of UMF Miami and half of Coachella completed. What better time to start creating summer playlists then? You may have already made yours, or maybe you haven’t even started making it yet, either way, we’ve got a new track that you have absolutely got to throw in there.

It’s a remix of Frankie’s hit single ‘Problems Problems’, and it comes from a young producer by the name, Thero. He’s giving the tropical house world a new spin with the addition of some seriously grooving deepness, as he’s included some seriously warm 808s in here; along with the groovy bass he’s included some exceptionally playful guitar and drum elements, along with simple vocal edits to make the remix pop. He also enlisted the help of Caye, a fellow producer and rapper, who’s newly added lyrics add a new element to the track that just feels right. Thero’s remix is up for a free download, so get it here.