With dance music garnering so much attention and slowly crossing into pop more and more, it’s easy to brush the “old” generation of producers and DJs to the side in order to make room for more exciting, young talent. However, EDX, a twenty-year veteran of the scene, has proven that it’s not so easy to brush producers with his talent to the side, as he has proven, year after year, that he is still at the top of his game. While 2014 can be considered a transitional year for EDX, as the Swiss-based musical talent experimented with his sound by dabbling in different sub-genres of dance music, 2015 is looking like his year. With his remix of Nora en Pure and Sons of Maria’s “Uruguay” riding high on the Beatport charts, EDX has paved the way to success in 2015, and his latest offering, “Want You,” which was premiered by the legendary Pete Tong, is the next step in that direction.

“Want You” feels like EDX has found his new sound. Without departing too much from his traditional progressive undertones, “Want You” perfectly balances the old with the new. EDX infuses the track with a deeper groove, similar to his later releases, while still maintaining the uplifting, melodic component that made his sound so popular. Check out the “Want You” radio edit below, and pick it up on Beatport via Ministry of Sound’s HK Records.